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Holiday programmes in Lagos Island in full swing

19 August

The famous Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Holiday Programmes are in full swing at the moment in Lagos thanks to the incredible work of the Academy's inspired teachers and the Principal, Sarah Boulos. 


Students have learnt a variety of skills for the performance arts whilst attending this programme and have even appeared on Lagos' Premiere Radio station as part of their exposure to the media in this country. 


Helen O'Grady Drama Academy runs extensive holiday programmes in schools and at its private studios throughout Africa. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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"It’s been Incredible! We go back to winter 2008, in December when my mother gave me and my brother the news that she has booked for us to attend HOG’s Creative Talented Campers Camp. On my first day, I had the fortune of meeting Mrs. Maija Lamu and the Creative Talented Campers family who greeted me with open arms. I remember my first day very well as soon I checked in with my team leader and met up wit..."

- Student, Cairo