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Franchising - join a great team

Operating your own Drama School or becoming a teacher in the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy is an exciting opportunity. You will be joining an international organisation, which will give you extensive ongoing support and development. You will witness how this inspired programme develops confidence, self-esteem but most importantly communication skills in young people.

Franchisees, all with an interest in drama, and possessing great energy, benefit from the widespread recognition, loyalty and support that the Academy receives wherever it operates. They also benefit from a stimulating, friendly and positive environment which provides them with outstanding job satisfaction.

Franchisees are fully trained in all aspects of the teaching, marketing and administration of our programme. A comprehensive scheme provides pre and post launch training, continuing throughout the first year. In subsequent years, regular visits by a director or senior staff member will be made.

Our advertising and marketing programme has been devised through experience and with the assistance of a top advertising agency. It has proven to be extremely effective.

Assistance is given to franchisees in the selection of their initial studio locations.

All curriculum content and lesson plans are provided. Children can attend the Academy from 3-18 without ever repeating a lesson. Therefore, franchisees are spared the time consuming task of research and preparation of lessons. The Academy year consists of four or three terms, depending on the country's particular education system. Classes follow the school year and, with the exception of the January pre-enrolment period, school holidays can be enjoyed.

The Franchise is operated from home, with teaching studios being established in suitable halls within the franchise territory, with minimal overheads. 

Hours of work are far less than other businesses of comparable income.

This is an excellent cash flow business, with the bulk of fees collected at the commencement of each term. As a Principal you will see children develop quickly and parents and students delighted with the results.

Many opportunities exist for tis increbile job opportunity for entrepreneurs,  drama teachers or performance artists in Africa. Some of the countries where the Academy has franchisee opportunities are: Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Contact us now and start reaping the rewards of this unique opportunity.

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Windhoek, Namibia



Africa Head Office

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy
PO Box 53184
Kenilworth, 7745
Cape Town, South Africa

P: +27 (0) 21 674 7478
E: info@dramaafrica.com

South Africa Head Office

Helen O'Grady (South Africa) CC
P.O. Box 211032
The Fig Tree, 6033
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

P: +27 (0) 41 367 1210
E: vicky@helenogrady.co.za
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"My child just looooooves your classes and I wanted to extend a special thank you to you for caring so much and investing so much into making the classes so enjoyable for everyone. We really do appreciate it. Your passion for the arts shows and if no other parent has said so....thanks for making it special for all the kids."

- Parent, Nairobi Kenya