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Adila Budullah becomes a ‘Woman Super Achiever’

19 February

Congratulations to Mauritius Principal, Adila Budullah, who is pioneering the way for women entrepreneurs in her running of an exceptional Academy. Adila flew to Mumbai to receive the coveted ‘Woman Super Achiever Award’ for the incredible educational drama programme she has been running in Mauritius. 

Through this award, the World HRD Congress aims to spread the message to at least 100 Nations, several philanthropists and corporate leaders who believe giving is a way of life and by giving the society will prosper and nations will be built. 

 “Women Super Achiever ” showcases women leaders of the world who set a big example for transformation and change. It is a reflection of Adila’s professional achievement & the belief that she is a thought leader in and a contributor of value. The World HRD Congress reached this conclusion by approaching her peers who recommended Adila with pride. Following this, she was vetted by the advisory board that acts as a conscious keeper towards the success of World Women Leadership Congress. The Talent Listing has been greatly appreciated worldwide and it is a benchmark of excellence as it is deeply researched. 

The “Women Super Achievers’’ is intensely researched process undertaken by the research cell which consists of Post Graduates in History & Management with over 5 years research experience posts their studies. It is the iconic job of the research cell to produce a shortlist of Individuals who are doing extraordinary work and track the record of their achievements. The shortlist is then reviewed by a Jury comprising of senior professionals from across the globe.

Her citation included: 

* You are one of the most respected women leader in the industry and therefore much sought after.

* Your contribution to the field of women platform is worth mentioning.

* Many women Leaders have recommended your name that your iconic status deserves the recognition.

* You have been a nurturer of talent and you have trained several youngsters to come up in their profession and to contribute to the field of women.


Adila says, “It has been an honour to set an example for transformation and change. To be one of the most respected Women Leaders in my Industry and nurturing talents, having trained several youngest and individuals to come up on their profession and the tribute it has in the field of woman. It was humbling to be be reviewed by a jury comprising of senior professionals from across the globe. I am very grateful for being a Woman Super Achiever 2020.”

Duncan Rice, Director of Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Africa says, “Again Adila has won another incredible award for her work with children and adults in Mauritius. To us she is a superwoman and we are so proud of her achievements and the incredible Academy she runs where each and every child is nurtured. She is really developing confident and articulate young people who will be able to tackle our competitive world using the 21st Century skills taught at the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy.”

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