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Incredible Online Summer Camps begin

04 July

Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Cairo starts its amazing ONLINE summer camp
What can be more fun during the holidays than our amazing summer camps which include a variety of activities from drama to cooking. 
Maija Lama, Principal of Helen O'Grady Cairo says, "The wellness of children remains our TOP priority! We remain mindful of the fact that children need to interact. They need to play and build friendships. They need to be creative and use their imagination."
The Academy has weekly sessions throughout the holidays to help children stay active and engaged during the summer holiday! The holiday camps are suitable for ages 4-13 years.
You can contact the Cairo, Egypt, Head Office on 01063479551 or email: maija@dramaafrica.com for more information. 

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"My daughter said: “I loved Edgemead drama classes so much I want to go every day. It was fun!'"

- Parent, Cape Town South Africa