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Collaboration one of the important 21st Century Skills

20 March

The World Economic Forum said one of the most important skills we can teach children is COLLABORATION.

This is something we feel very strongly about as a business. No one is the boss here on our African network! We are all working together to make the lives of children happier and more fulfilled. 

Therefore our meetings are always about sharing ideas with each other on an international level. This is why we are truly following the path to success with our children because we all work together with kindness, compassion and an immense passion to see the best in all humans.

All our meetings are about bringing the best experience for our students.  Here you can see some of our Principals from the following countries sharing thoughts on educational development: Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, South Africa and Namibia. Also in attendence was Helen O'Grady Malta and India. 

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""Lara était très bruyante et agitée, mais au cours de sa classe de Grade 1, nous avons remarqué qu'elle a commencé à devenir un peu introvertie et plus timide. Nous l’avons inscrite à l'académie de théâtre Helen O'Grady dans l'espoir que cela l'aiderait à améliorer son discours et la rendrait plus confiante. Bien qu'elle soit encore un peu timide, elle a fleuri tout en faisant le théâtre. Son ..."

- Parent, Le Cap, Afrique du Sud

23 April