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Body, mind, performance workshop in Cairo

07 April

Any successful athlete is confident, has a strong sense of self and is able to think critically. Athletes must develop their focus, learn how to be calm and motivated in order to enhance their performance. 

According to a frequently cited study of almost a quarter million students by UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Dr. James Catterall, students who participate in the Arts don’t just do better in school, they perform in areas that drive success outside the classroom.

When athletes take part in drama they start to develop confidence, analytical skills, self awareness, emotional regulation and positive thought patterns. The arts has been proven to decrease stress and increase a sense of fulfillment and achievement. It is through self expression and imagination that an athlete discovers themselves and is able to visualize their path to success. 
Learning to perform confidentially in-front of an audience will erase any ounce of fear when it comes to athletic performance during competitions. 


Enhance your athletic performance through performing arts and learn the tools to help you perform more effectively!

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"On Friday evening I witnessed the professional level of theatre that the Helen O' Grady Drama Academy is able to impart on our children and I needed to share my excitement with you. What they managed to achieve with Grade R learners was astounding! The school invested in lessons and the final product was showcased at the Prize-Giving and it was a wonderful and heart-warming experience."

- Department of Education Cape Town, South Africa

23 April