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Welcome to the amazing Vivian Boateng, the new Accra Principal

21 January

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy International welcomes Vivian Boateng as the new Princpal of our Central Accra Branch. Not only is she a highly accomplished dance teacher but also a lecturer in performance arts. 

Vivian Boateng alread heads Vivie’s Dance Factory (VDF), a private dance and drama school which trains both young and old in the art of acrobatics, dance, and drama. The school is committed to helping anyone to discover their talents, build self-confidence and improve team-building skills.

She is also an assistant lecturer at the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Ghana. She has 12 years of professional practice. Her professional experience over years has been in directing plays, drama and choreography, administrative roles in VDF, project management, and many more. She is a highly spirited artist who works well with less supervision and good team player.

She works with talented dancers and actors to address societal issues through dance and drama performances. She also has a special project where she works with children with special needs in the arts. She has vast experience dealing with both children and adults from multicultural environments. Her dream is to make art education accessible to every child in Ghana and passionate about using performing arts to contribute to national development. 

Vivian believes training and discipline is the core attitude of any successful artist. She is a certified ballet teacher in the American Ballet Theatre National Curriculum (ABT NTC PP-Level 3). She is also certified by Acrobatic Arts Studio in the UK as an Acrobatic Arts Module One Teacher. Mrs. Boateng holds a Master of Fine Arts (Theatre-Directing) and Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Ghana. 

Vivian is thrilled to be the new Principal of Helen O’Grady Drama Academy-Accra. She looks forward to using the curriculum to help children become “Fully expressed”.

Vivian Boateng is married and a mother of three children.  

What more can we say! She is going to be one of the most dynamic people we have on our international network! Watch this space as she takes the performance arts training of young children by storm in Ghana. 

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"" Nous aimerions profiter de cette occasion pour vous remercier vous et les professeurs de théâtre d'avoir fait du lundi de notre fille un jour rempli de rire, d'humour et d'amour pour le théâtre. Elle continue à aimer ses classes.""

- Parent d’élève au théâtre Ados, Le Cap, Afrique du Sud