Helen O'Grady Drama AcademyHelen O'Grady Drama AcademyHelen O'Grady Drama Academy

Teacher Principal Training in Johannesburg

South Africa
03 April

The training of teacher in the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy throughout Africa is a huge priority. With schools running throughout the African continuent,it is important for the Academy to maintain its high standards of its internationa curriculum delivery. After all, the Academy has been running successfully throughout the world since 1989, over 43 years.

The Academy's foundation was to develop children and adults in confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. Through this, confidence is one of the key attributes through this programme which is more about the heart than just taking part in a drama programme.

Developing people in this way requires special teachers and these teachers are trained in the methods of creating change in lives of many. The drama teaching training is based on practical skills to help each and every student to attain their skills in a fun and nurturing environment.



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Top quote

"We would like to take this opportunity in thanking you and the drama teachers for making our daughter's Monday filled with laughter, humour and a love of drama . She continues to love her classes ."

- Youth Theatre Parent, Cape Town, South Africa