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Drama Parties - Let's Party!

Helen O'Grady Drama Parties allow children and adults to become stars for a day! 

Fast-paced and action-packed, students play drama games and work on a short performance piece under the guidance of the Academy's expert teachers, following a specifc theme.

This fun-filled party will include and entertain everyone on this very special day and what's more it is educational as well!

1-2 hours depending on the age of the children.

A hall or large space is ideal but a room in a house is fine as long as it is large enough to play drama games with the number of children attending the party. Make sure there is enough space for the final performance.

Between 10 - 20 participants is ideal.

The Food
Party food should be arranged by the client and it is suggested that is served at the end of the performance.

Themes & Costumes
Themes can be discussed with the Academy beforehand and the participants can come dressed in a suitable costume. Previous themes have included: Treasure Island, The Aliens have landed, Night at the Oscars,  the Circus, the Wild West and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Let's Party!

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""Lara était très bruyante et agitée, mais au cours de sa classe de Grade 1, nous avons remarqué qu'elle a commencé à devenir un peu introvertie et plus timide. Nous l’avons inscrite à l'académie de théâtre Helen O'Grady dans l'espoir que cela l'aiderait à améliorer son discours et la rendrait plus confiante. Bien qu'elle soit encore un peu timide, elle a fleuri tout en faisant le théâtre. Son ..."

- Parent, Le Cap, Afrique du Sud

23 April